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Dec 7 2008

2009 is less than a month away, and I’m already (read: finally) writing my first blog post.  I’ve written a blog engine (which runs but never a simple post.  Go figure.

As a web developer, I have the pleasure of solving some interesting problems, from simple CSS tricks to complex server-side image processing.  Knowing the feeling of hitting a roadblock at 1:00am the night a client website is supposed to be launched and finding a solution on someone’s blog, I thought it was past time for me to contribute.  Plus, I want to get published before the Internet is full.

My current development focus is on Rails, but I still do plenty of Java (which can be written as JAVA if you’re a recruiter).  I do a fair amount of JavaScript using Prototype and Scriptaculous, and I’m getting into jQuery as of late.  I also do a lot of HTML and CSS, striving for valid, semantically correct, accessible code.  Although I have no formal web design or graphics training, I enjoy cutting up a design and converting it to a standards-compliant website.  That is, until it comes time to “fix” it for IE.

I’ve got some topics I’ll be writing about soon, which will cover CSS, JavaScript, Rails, nginx, and more.  I’ll also write about new problems and solutions as they come up.

If you’re wondering “why the strange Nick not found name”, my best answer is, “why not?”  I’ve been thinking about registering it as a new HTTP status code, but I haven’t settled on a number yet (all the good ones are taken).  Perhaps more importantly, I can’t find a site that lets me register a new one.

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